About Me


I’m a multi media artist heavily influenced by a love of the natural world and gothic imagery. I see beauty in bare trees, skulls, old dolls/toys and birds of all kinds. I’m often asked how my autism affects my art work and my decisions on what to create. The honest answer is, “I’ve no idea, how does being neurotypical feel?” I have no frame of reference as it’s impossible to experience the world as another sees it. I just make or photograph whatever seems interesting and/or beautiful to me.

One of my favourite ways to relax and escape from the noise and frenetic clamour of humans is to disappear off on a long walk across the beach, fields or woods near my home. I take my camera and try to capture the contrast between a bright, clear sky background and sharp silhouetted detail in the foreground. Layers fascinate me. One of the shots I really love is of a statue taken through leaded glass windows in the grounds of a cathedral.

I create textile art made up of multiple layers (yes, layers again) of quilting and embroidery. I use many different fabrics, lace and ephemera and my work is becoming ever more elaborate. I also like to incorporate embroidered writing in the form of poetry, song lyrics and latin phrasing.

I practice anthropomorphic taxidermy, using rats and mice, along a gothic, steampunk theme and from January 2017 I have been running taxidermy workshops in my local area.